U-PickIt's delicious!Berries are priced per pound
Pre PickHooray for deliciousness!
Please call the day before for pre pick orders(320) 845-4298
Do I need to bring my own containers?
We will provide the container for you we have boxes and ice cream pails to pick in your choice. 

If it has rained will I get muddy or wet?
Our goal is to keep everyone dry and clean, with the straw that we lay down, we are hoping that it will protect our customers. But unfortunately mother nature  may have other plans. So please dress accordingly.

Do strawberries ripen after they are picked from the plant?
No, the strawberries will not ripen after they have been picked from the plant.
How To Care For Your Strawberries

1)  Store in the lower part of your refrigerator uncovered in a single loose layer so proper air flow can get around them to keep the whole berry cool.

2)  Berries should last 3-4 days in your refrigerator as long as you do not wash them and keep the stem on but please check them daily. This can vary from refrigerator to refrigerator.

3)  Put them in a colander and rinse them off with cool water. It is not recommended that you submerge your strawberries in water for any length of time.


4)   Freeze whole strawberries on a cookie sheet until firm; transfer heavy plastic bags or 5 qt bag 
5) Asparagus- Make sure you blanch it before freezing the asparagus
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